The board of Lancaster City Football Club have decided to refresh the club crest for the start of the 2019/2020 football season. We have not taken this decision lightly, given the history of our great club and the popularity of the badge and all that it stands for. On the contrary, we wanted to build on the history whilst bringing the crest up to date and also making it fit for purpose in this new digital age.

Firstly, it was important to us that the main section of the current crest remained as the focal point of the refreshed design – keeping the shield, castle and red rose of Lancashire was imperative. We have added our founding year to the new logo as we wanted to add that sense of history and remember as we push forward to make new memories, we never forget the old memories and history that surrounds Lancaster City Football Club.

Secondly, we wanted to add a surrounding border to the shield. This helps us use the logo much more widely than is currently possible and allows us to increase our digital media footprint, as a circular logo has much more flexible applications online.

Finally, we are proud of our name and our footballing roots, so we wanted to use the full name of the our club. We Are Lancaster City Football Club – We Are Dolly Blues.

We hope you, the fans of Lancaster City Football Club are as pleased as we are that this club crest refresh has added to, rather than taking away from, our amazing footballing heritage.